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Younicycle PaaS
Younicycle PaaS is the online PHP Platform as a Service & Software delkivery system that allows users to develope multifunctional SaaS applications. There are many internal tools there: such as Database Builder, Chart and Reporting tools,  Web Application Development and SEO tools and many others available on the web as a web application & online 'Software as a Service' Suite, allowing you to create your own collaborative workspace, directly on the web.
Younicycle specialize on thw following on-line services:
     Database management, charts and reporting tools. [ Tables manager, Query Builder, Actions Editor,Views Builder,Functions Editor (PgSQL variant), Datasource Wizard, Composite Types, Chart Wizard, Template Designer, Report Generator,Reports available: PDF, HTML, SVG, JPG, GIF, PNG, XML,Schedule planner:  now, daily, weekly, monthly, send by email, save on server, print, PDFLIB access,Chart Module access,PostgreSQL access. ]
     Web Site Development, Content Management, Payment Gateway and SEO tools. [ Web Site Builder and Content Management System, Application Editor, HTML Editor, CSS Editor, JS Editor, Import HTML Site/Page into Younicycle CMS, Publish Site on the web, Application Analyzer,Access control,Preview mode,Payment Gateway: Google Checkout and PayPal settings,SEO manager (Google Verification/Analytics code, sitemap.xml, robots.txt, seo friendly links, meta keywords and meta tags). Action Editor (System actions library and User’s customized PHP actions). ]
     Hosting, communication, files and users management tools. [ Unlimited accounts, Unlimited registered users per account,Unlimited monthly traffic, Unlimited storage space, Unlimited Max File Size upload, Unlimited domain name support/parking, Unlimited corporate email addresses per domain, Last 15 days account backup, POP3 and web mail access,Mail AntiSpam filter,Mail Antivirus,Mail Manager, File Manager, Image Manager, Bookmarks Manager, Notes Manager, Account Manager, Internal Chat,Internal Blog,Project Manager,Users Manager, Secure login (SSL certificate enable), Actions Security,Access Control/User Groups (Roles),Search,Trash Bin folder,Copy objects from one account to another,Traffic/Storage statistic, Monitor User’s Activity,Your logo within account,Upload progress bar,Barcode generator,ZIP/UNZIP files “on-the fly”,Text/Image/PDF preview, Report a bug (Send bug description to the support team), Web Grab (Upload files from the Web), Ads-free Sharing (No advertisements in your account), Direct Links (Hot links for download managers or embedding files to web pages). ]

Please register now  a 15 days free trial account  in order to try with all the Younicycle functionality. Our company is an official representative Younicycle in Moldova. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding Younicycle.