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The OPTIMUM WEB MD company provides a wide range of services on the Moldavian market of IT technologies that may be divided into the following categories:
Elaboration of web projects.
Under web projects we understand a wide range of various web-based electronic solutions designed for an efficient implementation of a series of commercial tasks, such as putting new products/services on the market, informational – marketing support of business partners, retail and wholesale commerce, search of purposeful business auditorium, provision of actual data of various types.  Details...
IT outsourcing of web projects and developers.
Seo optimization of web projects.
Elaboration of web projects.
Graphic design.
Elaboration of Flash presentations.
Elaboration of a multimedia CD presentation.
Web hosting for your projects.
Registration and support of domain names.
Consultations on the correct conduction of business in the Internet.
In the conditions of a rapidly developing economy or global financial crisis more and more companies prefer to use outsourcing contracts that may considerably widen the range of available services and reduce the internal costs in order to obtain a competitive advantage on the market and an additional profit.  Details...
What would be the effects of investing money into the elaboration of a new company website if you and your developer are the only persons knowing of it and if your site is not found in search engines? The answer is obvious – zero!  Details...
Everyone knows how important may be a logo for a company. We are pleased to provide you with exclusive design solutions in this field.
Web-design – some clients understand it as elaboration of a graphic interface for their web product. However, there are people that understand it as a style and individuality and take this matter very seriously. Professional elaboration of a quality Web-design is a laborious and creative process based on the principles of visualization, on a correct associative series, perception and understanding of images provided by the client. The exclusive approach to web design allows the developers simultaneously to create an attractive external appearance and help the users to correctly perceive and understand the information contained therein.The site design is a much more complicated task compared to the usual execution. The site design must comply with the following requirements:     - the web design must preserve the company style and possible, accentuate its activity profile.    - from the very logon to the company web page the user must have a good feeling preconditioned by the correct       arrangement of information on the site.    - the site navigation must be made so as to enable the visitors to quickly find the required information on the site pages    - the sites must load quickly.

Flash presentations are a kind of advertising that is quite progressively affirming itself on the market of IT technologies. Usually flash presentations are made for advertising purposes or for the demonstration of products. Flash presentations are a good opportunity to inform the public of particular products or services. Also flash presentations may be dedicated to particular events or campaigns (presentation of a company or a new activity direction, opening of a new office, etc.). Flash presentations have a number of advantages compared to certain advertising products. The elaboration costs are many times lower compared to the cost of TV presentations. The flash presentations are becoming more and more popular from year to year. Sometimes the effects in a flash presentation are much more spectacular and interesting.
Our company's creative team will be pleased to elaborate for you a professional multimedia presentation for your company that you will be able to uploaded to Internet or record on a CD and use as a CD business card at exhibitions, conferences and presentations.
Our company has its own Linux servers and has partnership relations with large host providers. We provide hosting on our servers exclusively to our clients for which we elaborate web projects; it considerably distinguishes our hosting from the hosting provided by other companies.
We have the possibility to register domain names in over 120 zones, as well as to prolongate and maintain them on our server platforms.
Electronic business in the Internet has its own norms, rules and development trends and all these will be explained by our personnel to yours for your business and image to flourish and grow from year to year.
Quality of services - priority no.1 in our company!