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IT outsourcing
IT outsourcing means the transfer to a third party contractor of certain business functions or parts of a company's business processes with the scope of increasing the productivity of labor and reducing the production costs by taking advantage of the contractor's cheaper labor force.
It is not a secret that for many IT companies outsourcing of projects or involvement of third party personnel is a way to survive in the conditions of competition. Our company has a vast positive experience in the provision of IT outsourcing services to companies from USA, UK, Holland, Germany. On the Moldavian market our company offers services in the following fields: IT outsourcing of web projects and IT outsourcing of web developers.
Owing to the many years of experience on the market of IT outsourcing we have elaborated a complex of solutions to help our clients in organizing business processes so as to minimize costs and maximize the production efficiency.
How it works?
You've got an order to elaborate a web project but for certain reasons you are lacking resources for implementation – you may contact us for assistance and subcontract (outsource) a part of the work.
We evaluate the outsourced part of work and follow the «classic» scheme. Our project managers may work with the client on your behalf directly.
We may also provide you with one or several developers for outsourcing purposes for 6 months or more. In this case we will negotiate in advance the monthly remuneration of our developers and at the end of each month you will transfer the corresponding amounts to the account of our company. If desired, you may maintain a direct contact with our developers by IP camera, telephone, skype/msn, bugtracker, e-mail and our account manager that will provide you with progress reports at your request. Thus, we will do everything for you to feel as if your remote outsourcing team were in the room next to yours.
Taking advantage of the location of our development centers in Moldova, Ukraine and Byelorussia we are able to offer to any client from any part of the world the services of the best Moldavian, Ukrainian and Russian web developers, designers, programmers, architects, testers, analysts, system administrators, etc.
We have the best and the most talented specialists with considerable experience in the provision of remote IT outsourcing services
IT outsourcing is a way of taking advantage over the competitors!