паркетная доска
Opt-cart has been elaborated as an extensible and configurable solution for various types of electronic commerce. The system has a modular structure, comprising a kernel and several integrated components with a uniform graphic control system.
Opt-cart has the following possibilities:
Multi-domain mode allowing to create several shops with the same trading base;
Flexible transmission of authority among the shop administrators;
Limitation of the list of sold goods or categories of goods for different shops with the same trading base;
The Catalogue builder allows you to create merchandise catalogue trees;
Dynamic sets of characteristics and attributes for goods;
Possibility of setting several prices for the same product;
Possibility of determining correlated and compatible products;
Download and update of products and their attributes from external systems;
WYSIWYG editing mode for product descriptions in the HTML format;
Online administration of the list of goods and their attributes;
Subsystem for the centralized servicing of payments from different shops;
Automatic conversion of currencies upon display of prices and processing of purchase order;
Support of different currencies for different shops;
Exchange rate administration;
Support of several currencies;
Realtime tracking of order execution status;
Support of various delivery addresses;
Recovery of buyers' lost passwords;
Quick registration of buyers;
Protection of important data by SSL;
Possibility of modular connection of additional gateways to payment systems;
Support of various on-line payment systems;
Support of various non-electronic methods of payment: by mail, by fax, by phone;
Multilanguage support for interfaces and product names;
Possibility of the independent order status control by the buyer;
Generation of bills and delivery documents in PDF format for printing;
Inventory management: notification on the need to replenish the stocks, planning and accounting of incoming merchandise;
Total use of templates for flexible adjustment of external appearance and behavior of different shops working with the same trading base;
Integration with delivery systems;
Support of various tax rates for various regions;
Quick full-text search over the entire site;
Centralized site management: news, FAQ, contents of informational pages;
Possibility of getting customer feedback for the goods;
Management of affiliated shops' and partner sites' commissions, commission reports are available for the owners;
Use of bar codes for the automation of order processing;
Extended search option by attributes of merchandise;
Possibility of installation on any host;