паркетная доска
  Dedicated team management
Owing to the many years of work with foreign companies we are now paying special attention to the administration and organization of interaction with remote developers. We have elaborated a technology allowing our clients to feel the remote team as a fully-fledged part of their personnel operating in the synchronous tandem next-door.
Provision of specialists for IT outsourcing starts with their selection or search that includes the following stages:
The client issues an inquiry for one or several developers, specifying the requirements to their experience and technologies.
We conduct an analysis of compliance among our specialists that are currently free from being involved in any other activities or are expected to become so in the nearest time. If a suitable candidate is available from our staff we sent a resume to the client for consideration.
If the required specialist(s) is not available we initiate a search through our wide network of developers. Depending on the results of the initial evaluation for compliance with the requirements the client is provided with the candidates' resumes.
On the next stage we organize an on-line interview with the client. Upon necessity examples of source codes are provided.
As only the client adopts a positive solution a contract is concluded for a trial period of two weeks.
During the trial period the client may dismiss the candidate at any time. The dismissal is produced in written and sent to the company management e-mail.
Search for and selection of staff
If the trial period is successful, the contract is concluded for the entire work period.
The candidates with the most interesting resumes are interviewed in the office of our company and so the preliminary selection is performed.
For an efficient management of outsourced staff the clients are provided with the following tools:
For direct text contact - e-mail or MSN;
For voice contacts – telephone or Skype;
For video conferences - web cameras installed on the workplaces, allowing to maintain visual contact during the whole day;
For the distribution of tasks, monitoring of staff loading rates and tracking of dynamics the bugtaking system is used.
Staff management
Our company implements a series of measures allowing to make the remote use of our specialists comfortable and efficient:
Consultation of clients in organizing of optimum interaction with the remote team;
To each client an account manager is assigned that is ready to resolve any problems that may appear during the process of work.
Common trainings, both on our territory and on the client's territory. We'll meet you at the airport, help to book hotels and organize excursions after the end of the working day.
All of our employees are provided with modern working places compliant with the actual standards of the IT industry.