паркетная доска
Opt-CMS is a professional extensible web content management solution in real-time mode elaborated by the specialists of our company. The system is based on PHP and MySQL. Similar systems are already widely spread in the Internet as they considerable reduce the costs of updating and maintenance of websites and online systems.
Opt-CMS is to the maximum extent adapted to the technological requirements of the modern IT market. The system concept is based on the extensive experience of communication with our clients that allowed us to optimize our CMS for the needs of our clients. The system is based on the PHP and MySQL and incorporates the following set of functionalities:
Adjustment of design templates;
Log-in and password authentication;
Password recovery;
Management of accounts (search, sorting, filters, groups, logs, blocking of accounts);
Management of user groups (registration of various types of users in the system with subsequent distribution of authorities);
Static content management;
Management of categories;
Management of news;
Management of menus;
Publication of new contents;
Translation of interface;
Multilanguage environment;
Administration of user access;
Friendly interface for search optimization;
Support of multi-domains;
Opt-CMS is provided for free to each of our clients that have concluded a contract for the elaboration of web projects. We charge money only for the adjustment of our system for the user's specific requirements.